Talents, Hobbies and some of your plans (introduction)

I wanna take this time to introduce myself to the community.
First i wanna say, thank you for reading this if you end up reading it all; here we go.
My name is Taud Gilgamesh (not my real name) .
I used to have 44k loops on my vine account and was just getting into the groove with vine when the unthinkable was starting to happen etc etc.
I am creative on most levels with having been an artsy person most of my life.
I have alot of hobbies : skateboarding, basketball, video games, chess, and all types of other stuff.
I do rap/produce when I’m not being a crybaby about the outcome of things that dont affect me after the month it happened in :joy::joy::joy: . I can move my ears, chest (8008135 im a lil chubby), i whistle when im bouta swing o… I mean when im agitated or frustrated i think of music.
A plan of mine or just something i want to do is give back to the communities in my hometown by helping where its needed most, as well as my new home (iowa) and any of my future home states cause i dont intend to just stay in one place this early in my life.
I often get caught up in explaining the details or even just understanding the details in a story, or a plan and thats on the receiving end and the presenting end when it comes to that.
I like drinking water and arizona. Period. 2 of em… Maybe 3…
Im trying to keep this short cause theres alot to know about me but time will do that for me and im sure it’ll do it for you guys too.

P.s i forgot what i was going to say. :joy::joy::joy:


Welcome to the community hope you enjoy your stay and make lots of friends


Welcomeeee! Mi Chabe (Isabel Robles) and i like dogs but i dont like their poo. Have a nice time here!


yeah! welcome man. I’m happy to start to get to know ya :cowboy_hat_face:


haha boobies
We’re glad you’re here man.


Hey if you got 44k plays back on vine I’m sure you’ll get 10 times that number when byte releases. Keep at it.

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