Taking drawing requests

I want to draw something, here is something I drew earlier

yeah i cant draw hands :frowning:


You can draw better than me :hushed::hugs:


Request: draw a byte avatar guy with the byte logo as it’s head, and have it beating up another avatar guy with mother tik tok logo as its head

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i want to see charizard fight a digimon

:joy: yeah hands are the :smiling_imp:

One tip that helped me a lot-

Draw the finger tips as circles and then kind of draw back from there.

That and practice. I did a rotoscoped type animation and drew about 240 frames of hands. Even being sloppy and quick, by the end I had a much better feel for how to draw a hand and fingers.

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yeaa I have a really hard time drawing hands, I end up making them too pointy or too chunky

I’ll work on that soon, got a lot of things going on. Mostly mentally.

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