Take this with a grain of salt

Something i want everyone to remember as you come here everyday Iv’e been feeling really hopeful for this app and most of you know if you’ve seen Tell Your Story even though we haven’t gotten updates since May doesn’t mean the app isn’t progressing, and we all came here with an intent or purpose.

I’ve been saying this to myself lately " As long as the forums are alive the app is alive"

@dom i want you to see this too there are people who still come here every single day just because we believe you are still working on this app take this as motivation I will be here until these forums are removed off the internet :joy: :joy: :joy:

I know many of you are lurking even though you don’t say anything because of the hundreds of views :joy: but stay positive guys don’t give up on dreams i believe dreams are meant to be fulfilled i love you all ~ Justin


I’ve been kinda lurking, but also posting some at the same time.


Yes I’m constantly lurking :sleepy::joy:


I love being on here, but i’m constantly struggling to make time. But I’m gonna keep coming on here until the end.


The “end” of time for me!