Tags arranged by latest and/or popular...?

I didn’t see any other topic addressing or asking about this, so…

I remember when vine had the feature that arranged hashtagged vines by latest vines and by most popular vines. The Only downside was when you clicked on a hashtag, it would automatically be arranged by most popular first, making it hard for less popular and new viners to be recognized. Will V2 have the same “feature?” If so, I would hope for the hashtagged vines to be arranged by most recent.


Could it potentially be a combination of both? Just using Instagram as a reference when it comes to posts that contain a certain hashtag, it displays the content as “Top Posts” followed by “Most Recent”. I don’t necessarily see a problem with highlighting the most popular posts followed by the most recent posts. As a viewer trying to find new content a simple swipe down to see the most recent posts under a hashtag shouldn’t be too much of a hinderance.

Maybe a drop down option where you can choose “Most popular” and “Most recent”.

Cause then the viewers can choose what they prefer. It would definitely help smaller artists grow if hashtags can be sorted by most recent,


I was just about to post this before I read this post, but yes I believe a tab to choose between the two would be the best option, and the most straightforward


This reminds me of Twitters “Top” and “Latest” sections, but in the long run I do think this would be the best option because it appeases both sides and ultimately the viewers get a choice :+1:t5:

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