Tagging Countries, And Country Specific Moderators On Byte?

Ok so I’ve had the idea for a while about countries, but I wasn’t entirely sure how it could work until now. Basically, the idea is that you can tag specific locations or a country, in a similar way to how you’d use a hashtag. Initially I decided that using the tilde symbol (~) and then the name of the location/country you want to tag, for example ~USA or ~UK.

Each country could have a set of moderators to ensure that content posted is appropriate as well as maybe where it’s tagged as being (since VPNs and location modifiers do exist). Because of this, each post could only be tagged as one location, unlike using hashtags where for example #USA and #UK could be on the same post. Having content able to be viewed based on location, but not forcing videos to be specified, would let people find other users near to them!

Since some countries obviously have way more people and active users than other countries, teams of moderators could vary in size, or there could even be moderators to specific places for example New York could have it’s own moderators. Having separate moderators for different places would make the job seem much smaller, instead of having a huge group of moderators to work on the entire app.

These moderators would still follow the same guidelines and rules. This idea doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be overall app moderators, because obviously there would still be posts that don’t have a tagged location.

Moderators of specific regions, or maybe just every user who posts into a specific country, could have some sort of way of showing their nationality, maybe just a ring of the countries flag around their avatar?

Let me know what you think about this, as always feedback/suggestions are welcome!


pings moderators in their region / time zone?
they don’t wake up
pings ~USA
”Please contact your region for assistance”
Cries cause no ones responding
proceeds to make a thread about new moderators
gets told “We aren’t looking for new one moderators for your region at the moment but thank you for being an active part of our community.”
cries even more cause still no available support


Already gave you the same answer on the discord, but moderators for a specific place don’t have to be in that place :wink:


If Dom doesn’t really care how appropriate or inappropriate content is on the app then why would moderators in certain regions be necessary? And if there are more moderators then i dont think timezone or region would matter to what region something is posted.


Love this idea bc I do believe there will be content that exists that shouldn’t, and would need to be taken down. Back at it w more great ideas Dan!!


a very good idea

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