Symbols & Spaces in Usernames

I’m pretty sure this thread hasn’t been made before, sorry if it has.

Previously, we could (hypothetically) all have the same usernames, as well as spaces and symbols in them. A thread discussing single-use usernames has already been made though, so I’m here to talk about symbols and spaces in them. What do you guys think? Should V2 have a one-use username function or the option to name yourself whatever you want (symbols and spaces)? Or possibly both…?

@ shiinda
@ shiinda is cool :heart:

One use is the best.

Without space, maybe with symbols but not with spaces

One use, with symbols

No spaces, i feel its ugly to look at

It is, that’s why I wouldn’t choose a username with spaces

I would love to have @tony for my vine account, but I don’t think it is possible.

Is it possible to have emoji for username?

I think there should be spaces so someone can use their full name. Do that or make a system like Twitter where you have your @ username and then another that displays and both are searchable

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single use, in my opinion is better