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Hey can we stop bashing this app and blatantly sharing info from other social media sites? I’m tired of coming on these forums and viewing all of this hot garbage.

I’m tired of people posting on here to purely start something or to talk about anything other than Byte. Everyone seems to be so upset and concerned that Byte is struggling or is “dead” but posting nonsense on the forum and only providing negative criticism is not the solution.

Everyday I hear about how frustrating it is to look at these forums. If you care about the app, show it. I haven’t posted in a minute but life is crazy right now. We haven’t gotten an update from the team, that’s fine. They have a life. Nothing about this app is on a deadline. Just give them time to flesh things out. Give yourself time to just figure out who you are as a creator. If you think Byte is dead and this rant is for nothing. Bet. Sorry you don’t feel the same way. That’s my piece y’all :call_me_hand:t2:


I understand your rant, but I think you may have missed the update that Dom gave us a few days ago. Hopefully this will give you some insight on what’s been going on so you don’t feel left in the dark!!:


Hey I appreciate this. I did not see until you just put it out in front of me. It does solve the majority of what I was saying.

However I think as a community we gotta get a little more constructive, positive, etc. :+1:t2:


Yeah dude I completely agree! We need to do better as a community and just have fun with the app and make the best content we can at the moment. Stay strong brother!


There is always positivity on the forums. Yes, there have been some negativity lately, but only a little bit. There is still lots of positivity here.


Hey if the forums have been a positive place for you that’s really great and I’m glad. I want people to see these forums as an approachable place to discuss things.

I just know some people including myself haven’t always felt that way. And in the past few months the negativity has definitely spiked. I just don’t enjoy seeing that happen is all


@TheLegitLemur people seem to spend more time on the forum than on the app itself. Often whining about low likes, no content and other negatives. Seems counter productive.


@marlinsmash that’s is really what I was getting at. I understand it to a point but sometimes I feel as though it is just very counter productive and negative on here.

People have their opinions and such. Feel how you feel, not telling you to feel differently. This just isn’t the time and place for that kinda talk and mindset.

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why should we stop? just keep going.

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