Super Bowl Halftime Show

What do you guys think of this year halftime show? I love all Justin songs but the ones from this last album are baaad… none has been good.

I hope he sings Mirror, TKO, Can’t stop the feeling and suit and tie.

Also, what was your favorite halftime show?
Mine was Beyonce’s and Katy’s

I like some Justin songs, not everyone because I dont like his voice, but i now that is an awesome singer

You know i like to watch the game too… and yes i hope he singgs that songs to those are the best (but he will sing the new ones tho)

I like your new pic tho…

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Aww thanks lil boy :heart:️:heart:️

Have we heard him confirm if he is bringing guests or not?

Some news channel talked about Beyonce performing one song with him, but I doubt it.