Summer is Coming (V2's forums New tagline)

As V2 will be releasing in the summer You can slang it as “Summer is Coming” **
** and when v2 releases you can slang it as "V2 is here"

hows it?

i know i am dumb


@dom may get sued. It’s cool though.

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sued for what ?

nice tagline aha

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@ajaytej27 exactly for what? no one else came up with the idea of making v2, he clearly was copied.


I think he means because it’s a GoT reference

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Ya That make sense…

Hahaha summer is coming :laughing: in my country is winter is coming :wolf:

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Which is your country?


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Nicee have fun I love Winter BDW

Exactly. That’s what I meant.

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It’s a reference to GoT

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I never thought about how Dom could get sued cause of that, hope not

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