Summer and v2

I mean, I understand that everybody has a life. To be honest, I been very busy this summer. But I check in at least twice a month to see what’s going on in the forums. I have been seeing people asking how to delete their account. I have also been seeing people say that it’s never going to happen. Most of yall on here are so bitter & negative, for no reason. Dom is funding this his self. Trust the process.

I hope everyone had a blast this summer.:blush:


hope you had a good summer too!

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I did nothing literally nothing :joy: but thats okayyy


Idk how but I felt super busy even though I didn’t get anything done :joy:


What I’m angry about is how it was promised a whopping 5 months ago

did you really expect one guy to fund a whole new social network in 5 months??

Don’t forget he HAD a team with him and did plan for a summer release. Things change.

While I agree that a team of people might’ve sped things up you gotta remember that it took him a year to the original :vine: so to have the pressure to make such a sequel in such a short amount of time is hard I can see why dom postponed v2 :vine: 's legacy is so big that having to make a sequel to that is gonna be hard to live up to everyone’s expectations but he’s doing everyone a good thing

Some of us thought that we didn’t need vine anymore because we thought we quote on quote “grew out of it” but the same year it ended people who didn’t like it started to quote compilations people “who grew out of it” watched those same videos Noone could let go because we grew up with it for the time it was here

Hi do you know when the app will be out

Noone does its still in development