Suicide Prevention Hotline


The number for the US Suicide Prevention Hotline.
If you know the number for your countries/nations suicide prevention hotline, please leave it in this thread. You never know who will need it.

You’re not alone. I promise :heart:


annam made a Suicide Prevention Links topic july of last year. I’m not sure how accurate the numbers are for each country seeing as i’m US (that ones accurate), and haven’t needed to reach out to anyone. But if you recognize any of those outlets from being in your country (and you need to speak with someone) feel free to follow up.

(i checked all the links, at the time, to make sure they weren’t broken; thats why they’re all viewed)


Thank you for the links! :yellow_heart:


This is a super important topic and I want to say thanks for posting it. I wish more people were educated about suicide in a way that doesn’t promote stigma. Can I ask what prompted you to post this?


Thank you. I’m a big advocate for mental health and as someone who does have a mental illness, i just want to help as much as possible


I know in the county immediately north of me, they have had more suicides than deaths by coronavirus.

There are a lot of people who are terrified and dealing with fear, unemployment, bills they can’t pay, uncertainty, and huge amounts of stress.

It’s OK to need help and to reach out to someone. If you can’t call a friend, call the hotline. It’s anonymous and they want to help.