Suicide Awareness

Not trying to over dramatize but as someone with ptsd, and some history with suicide a lot of the comments today, even though they were just kids being angsty, were really triggering. And I don’t like using that word because it’s kind of been co-opted by terrible people, but it’s legit.

I live in NJ so I’m no stranger to general crumminess from people. I can handle being called ugly or weird. But a lot of the ‘kill yourself’ stuff really flipped some switches for me today. If you got these kinds of comments today, I’m deeply sorry you had to endure that. You are loved and you don’t deserve it. I’d encourage you to talk about it with someone you are comfortable with.

The world is a better place with you in it. Be kind to yourself.

Suicide Prevention Hotline:


:blue_heart: love you onkel


Love you :v:t3:

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I agree with everything you said! Suicide is never a subject to joke about. I’ve lost way to many brothers and sisters due to the stress of life. Everyone just keep your head up and ignore the stupidity that our favorite app is currently experiencing.

Also, onkel you’re definitely not weird or ugly :rofl: your one of my favorite byters here :metal:


Thank you :blue_heart::v:t3:

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This is great. Thank you for posting this.


Yeah the dumb fairy comment that goes “you should diet but without the t” is really not cool.


Damn… haven’t seen that yet

You’re great

Well ppl have gone as far as making accounts w my name and reposting my bytes
@rommiesucks is one of them and honestly I’m just done w byte for today. I logged out the app like Kawena and I’m just done

As someone who’s been dealing with stuff like this all their life, and then on byte just a few months ago, it sucks to see it happening again. But In the masses. It’s all fun and games until it’s not.


Whaaa? Wtf that’s crazy!! I’m sorry @rommie :blue_heart:

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It really p*sses me off that you’re targeted like that. Completely uncalled for.


Sorry to hear this is happening to you, there is no excuse for such behavior or treatment. It is easy for people to be insensitive when not having to face the individual

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Sorry that it happen to u @rommie

This is the bad side of TikTok, and I have experienced it being on there for 1.5 years so this isn’t new to me :gift_heart: - if u let it brother u, then they got u.

Hey, u wanted lots of users, and now we got it, so take the good with the bad.

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I’m confused - where is the good ? Besides engagement?
It’s all negative

None of them are nice


@rommie - the good is what I make of it - I see comments on my video as engagements and that’s it - I’m thick skinned though :blush::gift_heart:

Stay strong and sing loud my friend :gift_heart:


And maybe you’ve just made me realize something: that this social media world isn’t for me or I don’t have what it takes.


@rommie it’s the real world, not just social media - in real world, people don’t say it to ur face but behind you which is worse :gift_heart:

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We love and support you! :heart: