Suggestion: Limit rebytes per day

So currently a lot of these rebyte groups are being created on the forum, and it’s a growing problem. There’s been suggestions of a rebyte-free feed, which I partly approve, but I’d instead suggest these options

1 • Limit rebytes to 3 per 24 hours. This could be great to really choose what you want to rebyte and perhaps eventually maximize the quality content we see?


2 • Disable rebytes from a specific person, so you only see their own content.

This has kind of been annoying for me since there is no post notifications option either, so I do miss some of my favorite creators content unless I go to their profile directly.

What are your thoughts on this?


Yea, the topic of rebyte groups was a hot one yesterday, I posted this about it:

The rebyte feature itself isn’t the problem. A better solution, IMO, is to remove the motivation for abusing rebytes which is to get onto the ranked Popular Now page.


I like option #2 the best. 3 doesn’t seem like a bad number right now but down the road as more content is created I can see it being annoying. That being said there definitely needs to be some way to control rebyte spam.


how about both options, except increase the limit to about 5 or 10? It can greatly increase the quality of rebytes, and there could be less rebyte spam :thinking:

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Personally I use rebytes exclusively on the latest page to share stuff I find funny, and I don’t like the idea of being limited in that because other people abuse it. Just need to be able to turn off rebytes from specific users, same as twitter and retweets :slight_smile:


i dont really like the idea of limits, because I usually rebyte ones that actually make me laugh out loud so I can rewatch them later. I do think having the option to mute them would be a more ideal option to enable everyone to do what they wish.


I think filtering is a much better idea, three Rebytes per day will make app engagement look awful. Users should have the option to view with or without Rebytes on profiles and the home feed if they wanted to. Limiting it will just mean the app struggles to grow and why limit that potential?


I agree. I don’t feel like I should have to limit what I choose to share because of other people.


Yeah that’s true, didn’t think of the “saving for myself” thing

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Alright so most of us are agreeing on that there should be no limit, which I do think could be the better option as well now


I think the issue is that Byte would be copying TikTok if they made “For You” the popular page. How does one re-invent this?

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That’s Shouldn’t be Case as Mostly there are Furries in here.

Ilmiting Rebytes like/your options shouldn’t be agreed.

like I now Use Rebytes so Often this shouldn’t be a feature to be limited…

If they called it a “For You” page then yea, I’d agree. But it’ll be called something else and the algorithm isn’t going to be like TikTok’s, they keep their algorithms completely secret (unlike Byte), and Byte won’t exclude LGBT people or others that TikTok deems “undesirable.” So it’ll be very different.


You made the best answer that could possibly be given and prevented rebytes from being limited


Disabling or muting rebytes from certain accounts seems interesting.

some people really go HAM on the rebytes, not naming names… :stuck_out_tongue: