[SUGGESTION] App Concept & Design


As a artist, a gamer, etc. I love making suggestions for games and apps. I have written tons of suggestions, so I decided to collect them in a website instead of letting them die in some forums. I made a App Concept and design suggestion for v2, and added it to my website first. Check it out! I’ll be waiting to hear what you think of it!

LINK: here

(Note: This website does NOT support mobile)

Coming soon:

  • Folders
  • Quotes
  • Information desk
  • Subtitles (credits: here )
  • Account Trailer (credits: here )

Wow this is really good

oooo nice!

Wow that is amazing! Awesome work👍

This is actually one of the best prediction layouts I’ve seen, it’s very clean, simple and eye catching. I can’t wait to see the other categories that are coming, I honestly really hope for the app to look similar to this… @dom take notes!

before I add the full thing, one more preview:


Man i like it so much, you work a lot of this! Congratulations :hearts: its awesome

The simple is better :wink:

Thank you!

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Also thank you!

Glad to hear that!

:blush: Heh, thanks

Whoops! I totally forgot about the Team feature that was going to get Implemented! I will re-create few stuff, sorry!

BUMP! Added new stuff!

This is amazing

Thank you so much!

This is amazing!!! <3

This looks pretty sick dude!:call_me_hand: The only thing I would add is a follow / unfollow button. Make it visible somewhere on the page so that’s not in a drop down menu. Have a look at my mock up as reference.

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This is nice. Bumping this.

Heh, thanks!