Suggestion: Add Comment count to the Stars-Gonkulator

Suggest we entice users to leave a few more comments by adding a lightly-weighted “comments made” stat. 100 comments = 1 star.

I like the idea but that’ll probably be long-term. I recommend reading this :slightly_smiling_face: change topic to #idea


Recent discussion on comments have been about building a more robust comment system rather than the overall environment. I think he’s commenting on that here. I don’t think we need that stuff yet either.

I’m suggesting a baby-step here of turning up the heat to cook up more comments.

Ah, not bad :stuck_out_tongue: okay. Star counter!

Totally get that it’s been turned into a bit of a meme, but have always found star count to be a creative way of displaying stats. I find it indicative of the aspiration of the app; not chasing followers & likes, but becoming solid members of this creative community. Believe adding comment count to star count also tells the user that yes, we recognize you’re contributing in different ways, thanks for sticking around.


i don’t really feel the idea of getting stars for comments, it would just make people post stuff like omg comment your favourite number!!! guess my card!!! comment if you love fortnite and hate school!!!

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Totally get that. That’s why I suggested comments be lightly-weighted in the star count. Not suggesting a system for people to grind, but a small enticement for community conversation.

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Any other thoughts on this

Oh I thought your idea was to award the commenter, not the recipient of the comment. I think it would be better to award the commenter because you wouldn’t create the problem @cark mentioned while still rewarding people who engage with others.

No, I absolutely meant reward the commenter.

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Oh. Well then yeah I think this is a good idea.

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