Sudden crashing after seconds

Updated to the new beta, posted something, and now the app crashes as soon as I try to go into the channel I posted to. If I go into other channels I can sometimes get to watch a few videos before it crashes, but it still happens after less than a minute.

Tried this about 8 times.
IOS 12.4.6 , Iphone 5s


thanks for reporting. is this when you open comments by any chance?


no, in some of the crashes I don’t get to even open a video, it crashes as soon as the category opens

can you try downgrading to an older beta (maybe the one right before) and let me know if it fixes it? here’s a guide to do that

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It seems to be working now, no downgrade needed. Worked for at least 5+ minutes this time, opened several categories without them crashing, managed to interact with videos.

I’ll keep checking periodically but I’m guessing it was the recency of the update on my old and battered phone? I’m not a tech person, could that actually affect it?

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my guess is it’s an older phone + iOS 12 randomness but lmk if it happens again

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we’ve identified the crash and are working on a fix

oh, great to know it wasn’t just me bothering for something that my phone was doing. Thanks!

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I have the same problem

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@dom sorry to bother again, but now it’s happening when I try to scroll through someone’s profile. Weirdly, it seems to happen with people I don’t follow, but I don’t see the same problem on the people I DO follow.

I can’t do screengrab, but I hope a badly recorded video is at least kinda useful.
The first 48 seconds is me scrolling through mauro’s profile, whom I follow, to show how that is working normally. The rest is me recreating how I discovered the bug, including going to the specific user that I don’t follow I was watching when it happened (I tried it a couple more times with different profiles, and the pattern seems to be the same)

it should be fixed in the next beta, later today

Ok, was it connected to the other crash issues? I still don’t understand tech I’m just curious

yep, it’s an issue on ios 12 that happens when you scroll down any view that has a grid view available (so profiles and channels)

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