Success of byte

I’m starting to see a lot of big people from tiktok on byte which is really good for the app! Tiktok’s the biggest thing right now and having people show up to byte is huge! It shows the curiosity and attention its getting!


Yea im super excited for whose coming on here next

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Byte will just continue to grow. What you also need to keep in mind is that this all was pulled off without a single dollar put towards advertisement. Absolutely insane!



So far I see this a way to take advantage of the first to platform organic reach. The people who make content here will become the leaders of the platform when it becomes stable enough for enough people to enter it. It offers a different content due to the 6 second limitation and is different enough from tiktok. No dancers here, not enough time, and no music.

The challenge is that Tiktok is a music power house. If Bytes can get to that level then it can offer more potentially. However, having no music makes the content creators make more original content. You don’t get the lazy content that tiktok has where much of it is limp synced and people re using audio to continue a meme thread.

Bytes offers a legit way to make new content without having it reused to infinity. Someone would have literally re create your content to be derivative and that takes work. So this is pretty cool. 6 seconds really puts you to work in order to make something notable.

But on the bright side there is no reason bytes can’t evolve.

This is a pretty good platform so far. It has the same feel of tiktok but is different enough to offer something new.

We can’t be thinking if Bytes will be successful, it will be eventually. We have to be thinking who will be making the next platform?

TikTok has shown the world that a social media platform based purely on user generated video is appealing. The imitators will come soon. Bytes will stabilize, and in turn have it’s own competition. If bytes fails it will be due to uncontrollable circumstances. So far so good, but what’s next is the bigger question.

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Yeah that’s very true.

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