Substitute teacher Vs. Everyone's dreams

So today I was in class and everyone was laughing so loud and screaming at everyone especially my table then my substitute teacher who I annoyed so much 2 years ago asked us all a question.

“What do you wanna be when you grow up?”

Then a bunch of the boys said they wanted to be professional football players then the teacher was like “UGHH CANT YOU PICK SOMETHING MORE REALISTIC” and then we all told him our dreams and stuff and then he was like “THAT’S NOT A GOOD IDEA! YOU WILL NEVER BECOME THAT! THATS IMPOSSIBLE!”

and then I told him what I wanted to be and promised that I would become that no matter what happens then he said “You’re not gonna become that, that’s not gonna work out for you, a lot of people are already trying to do that. You’re gonna fall for a lot of scams.”

i learned a lot today.


when u get famous off of byte or whatever u do u better slap that guy with hundreds. Can’t let the haters get you down bro use them as fuel to reach your goals


lol def will

You definitely did learn a lot…

and that is that you should definitely cut him out of ur life and follow your dreams!


come back to that SAME VERY school in ur Lamborghini and take a look at him…not say a word and go back in ur car with them butterfly doors


Iol I was actually thinking of doing that!

I definitely will :grinning:

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Yay glad to hear!

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he works as a substitute teacher lmaoo you can’t expect anything from him lol. misery loves company


He’s just salty. You do you!


He’s a substitute teacher, can’t expect him to encourage anything beyond a middle class job, let alone a dream job. I’m not saying he’s not wrong, but what’s wrong with trying out your dreams when you’re young that I’ll never completely understand

even though the op is gone :frowning:

what a salty sub teacher
f in the chat