Slightly talked about here…

But also other categories. Comedy with puns or skits or español. Or sports but football, basketball, swimming. Pets with birbs, dogs, cats. Edits with memes, kpop, anime,chill. Music with singing, a capela, strings, drums. I could go on and on about food categories too but i wont :drooling_face: :blep:

Or even an option to filter out possible subcategories.

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I think that hashtags act as subcategories. If subcategories were added, they would kinda defeat the purpose of hashtags imo.

If there were trending hashtags within the categoeies then that could act as a sort of subcategory.


Not all hashtags are subcategories… :kissing:

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True. I guess bc of how small we are rn its hard for me to imagine having subcategories like “pun” and “skit” making sense atm

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That’s a good idea. The developers really haven’t worked on the hashtags in depth yet, but I get why. It’s not the highest of priorities right now.

You know I just had a crazy Idea. What If the channels just had regular names. But what if the sub categories had the /'s in them. Example Gaming : /streaming /commentary /letsplay etc.

I don’t understand why there are categories AND hashtags! Why can’t it just be one system! Someone please explain the value of having both!
Sorry for yelling it just seems like I’m the only person that finds this odd.

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Something really specific isn’t getting it’s own category. Mostly events.

well categories are more like a fan club or a book club for people to share their thing in and viewers to go there only to find those specific videos and is easily moderateable. You can’t moderate hashtags there is a possibility I could run into something not gaming or just straight up mature content.

My main issue is that searching hashtags is completely different from going to a category. No spotlight, no grid view, and I don’t understand how the algorithm decides which content to give me through hashtags.

Another thing is that hashtags are more organic, and sometimes have nothing to do with a category. For example #authenticsoda seems to be a sort of in-joke for a group of people, but it’s not a subcategory on it’s own. I can get pretty specific with a hashtag in a way that I can’t with categories

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That sounds like a bad thing. Why not just have categories then?

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Searching hashtags could look just like categories and honestly that would probably look better.

Authentic soda seems to me like a community of Byters. Which is exactly what categories are supposed to represent: communities.

Thank you for your response, I appreciate it. I’m just arguing to try and better understand

I’d love subcategories. Broaden scope to art, narrow feed down to painting. Broaden to art, narrow to 3d renderings


well you still need hashtags to find finer detailed things such as a creator, things creators do, events creators do etc. You still need hashtags for the finer search results of things like YouTube. Think of it like this. Hashtags will help you find the Specific video, creator or trend you wanna search for. Categories are where you will find a Many videos strictly related to a subject you want to search for.