Subbing to anyone who votes/likes this comment and I'm Fast

I’ve seen a lot of these comments on various YouTube channels. Especially the “How to earn SUBS” videos. I get that it’s like one of those Follow for Follow things but what does “I’m fast” mean? Like fast in subscribing back?
Also, just want to put it out there that I certainly do not advocate this :laughing: I was just curious.


Maybe its kinda like commenting “first” but for Sub 4 Sub accounts :thinking:

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Yeah, perhaps. I think it actually hurts the channel more compared to a low sub account. Imagine having hundreds of subs with no one to actually watch the videos. Because obviously the subs are for the sake of getting a sub back.
I’m also pretty sure there’s an algorithm to check the frequency of these sub for sub channels and I wonder if they’re like blacklisted or something.

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