Style of content creation

When v2 “officially” comes out (there are so many bootlegs on the App Store), I want to make sure that my style of content is very random. I don’t want to just do comedy, I want to mix it up a bit. I have already filmed a series of videos in advance of its release, and I can’t wait to share my hidden talents with the rest of the world.


Yeah, I know what you mean. But there’s also the whole thing about mixed genres. Idk how it was on Vine, but a lot of people on social media platforms stick to one type of thing, and anything channels don’t really get too much attention. I hope this could be different(maybe, or it can stay the same seeing as how some people will just do a bunch of stuff to get famous.


Good luck to you.


Cool, I like the idea of making different kind of content and dont make just one, I have a similar idea. I want to make dramatic videos but i dont know how :disappointed:

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Yeah I’d like to be able to film whatever funny thing I feel like and still be able to grow. Instead of having to make something that everyone else is doing just so people will watch you.

It could be tough to make it work, but I think it can be successful if you show enough personality in your videos! The issue with “random” is that it assumes a lack of focus or style, and if you have a collection of fans or dedicated viewers, they want to watch what they’re interested in. If they saw a video of you making some art, they might be confused when they go to your channel expecting more art but instead finding comedy stuff. There’s a fine line between variety and a lack of focus, and I believe the main difference is the presence of personality!!


Personally, I think the solution may be to have two or more channels. at least that’s what I’m going to do. One for comedy and one for art.