Students from Canada, United State and UK, Please Came

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I want to ask some questions to the teenagers or university students of these three countries, Here is the list:

.How important are high school grades for college admission?
.Does a person with high grades in high school have advantages for college admission?
.Does a person with the highest score on the “TOEFL” or “IELTS” exam have the advantage of being admitted to a university? About international students
.It helps to know the culture of these countries to be accepted in a university or get permission from the country to go to study?
.What differences are there between people who have good grades in high school and a person with poor grades, for admission to the university?
.Is there more opportunity to be chosen if you have high grades in high school and a very good score on the international exam?

My idea is to be able to go to study “Dramatic Art” or “Actuation” to any of these three countries, so I understand they have very similar requirements.
I still have 2 years of high school to improve my grades, but I was always a good student
I have already started preparing for the “IELTS” exam
I ask this question in this forum because the users are mostly teenagers or young adults from these territories. I have also informed myself in other places and by other people
I hope you can help me

Thank you for your time :relieved:

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In Canada, it depends on the course your applying to but in college it’s generally in the 70s and universities is in the 80s. There’s not really any advantage to people who completed high school or not, but international students get discounts in many things such as SIM cards for international calling and texting.

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In most countries, if you do higher education (In America it will be college. In the UK it will be university), you get paid a lot more for jobs due to the higher qualifications you have.


Actually, not much anymore. At least where I am from people who complete university have to end up going to college to get a job. There reason is because employers have to pay more than if they were to hire a college student and don’t like over-qualified people. It’s also because college offers much more hands-on experience while university is more theory-based. Obviously it depends on what job you want.

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Oh nice, I had thought to study in Canada, Because there are better universities than I look for and they are cheaper, the problem is the French language

Really? I did not know that

The French? Like the language? If that’s what you are worried about then I wouldn’t worry. French is mainly in Quebec.

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Yep, i only speak spanish and english

Great, I thought the qualification were very important

Depends on your job. Like a scientist would be better off with university’s theory-based teachings. Hands-on jobs are more for college.

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I am an actor, I would like to specialize in “Dramatic Art” or have a university degree of acting

Acting is certainly best for college.

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Great, Thanks for everything

Can help me? is that you?

You join a theatre college

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Yep, but i need some answers

Try a performing arts college that could help :innocent:

In the UK we have a set of tests called GCSEs that are done when in high school/Sophomore year. If you do really well in these tests then you will have a higher chance in going into a really good uni which will help u to get degrees which can also help u get a v good job.
Companies usually look at your GCSE grades especially for maths and science and they check where you’ve been to uni and what degrees you got

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Hi love, I am a student in the United States in university and my family aren’t from here. I’ll gladly answer some of your questions.

  1. High school grades for college admission are important depending on the schools you want to apply to. If you want to apply to a big time university, they will require your transcripts (the document with your grades on it, which will be converted to american standards since Europe has a different schooling system), and your grades will have to be in tip top shape.
    If you have two years left, and you’ve been slacking off it would be good to brush up on what you haven’t been doing and try to get the best grades you can your last two years. Despite what people tell you, they matter very much.

  2. A person with high grades in high school does have a minor advantage, but those grades have to be paired with good test scores. Depending on the country you’re from, you’ll most likely be required to submit TOEFL if english is not your primary language. A high score can very much improve your chances, as the schools are always trying to diversify themselves.
    But, you will be required to take the ACT with writing or the SAT with writing, depending, again, on the university you’d like to attend. I’ll make a list at the bottom of the post of what you’d need.

  3. You aren’t required to know the culture of the country, but it is polite to learn the customs and have basic knowledge of the history of the country and what not. The only thing you’d need extensive knowledge of the country for is if you’re applying for citizenship. On the topic of permission from the country, I think you mean VISA, which I’ll also explain at the bottom of the post.

  4. Again, it depends on the university. You can attend a community college that accepts practically everyone who passes the admissions test, or you can apply to a state school or prestigious university. The difference is that when the big colleges are looking at applications, if they see someone who has low grades they don’t even look at the rest of the profile. Or if they see low grades and high test scores, they assume the student is lazy. If there’s someone with high grades, their profile gets put into another stack for another round of sorting.

  5. If you mean is there higher probability to be chosen, then yes. But other than good grades and high test scores you need a few more things that again, I’ll list at the bottom for you.

Things You’ll Require for a Strong Application:

  • good grades
  • high test scores (ACT/SAT depends on the school)
  • letters of recommendation from at least 2 teachers
  • official high school transcript (sheet with grades on it)
  • the individual school’s essay questions answered with strong answers and correct grammar
  • TOEFL (if your first language is not english)
  • volunteering you’ve done (not necessary, but it helps you stand out)
  • what makes you unique from other applicants (for the essay question)

And earlier, you mentioned the country’s ‘permission’ for you to come here. I’m sure you know what a VISA is, if not, it is approval to come to the country you want to temporarily.

How you get a student VISA is if you get accepted to the school you want in the country you want, you apply for a Student VISA (i think you can do it online these days) with the proof of admission, and in most cases it’s approved and you don’t have to reapply until you stop being a student.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: