Stuck on post video screen

iPhone 8, latest beta update.

When I make a video and go to the screen to add captions and tags, I will often hit the download button, either to edit in an external app or save it in case I want to try to redo a part of it but I don’t want to lose my progress.

In the latest beta when I click the download button, the back arrow is removed and my only options are to post or to force close the app.

Mildly inconvenient

Just wanted to make sure the team was aware since I hadn’t seen it yet.


I am experiencing the same.

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It’s still a problem for me. Very inconvenient :disappointed:


I’m also stuck, haven’t been able to post for days.

Any progress on fixing this? Using iPhone X.



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Still unable to post! Any solutions in sight?

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I think we are all able to post my issues we were having was that it was freezing and we had to restart at certain parts


Nope, just now attempted to post, and once I enter text, and click DONE, I have only a back arrow in top left of screen, offering me to go back to camera or back to text screen. That’s all. Can’t move forward. Any new ideas to fix this?

If you haven’t completed uninstalled and redownloaded the map you might need to do that and I would make a new post if it doesn’t work out


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Well, uninstalled, reinstalled, still not able to post a video. It was a good suggestion but no change. Any other workarounds?

the original bug in this post will be fixed in the next beta


Thanks for that information. I haven’t been able to post for several weeks- it’s a bit depressing :grimacing:. I have to fight for “inspiration “ and when it finally arrives, well…OK, I’ll just hang in there. Is there a time frame for the next update, so I can try again?:eyes:

Still unable to post anything. sigh