I’ve been struggling alot this past week. I know I joke about suicide alot but my jokes aren’t really jokes. I’ve been trying to push thru these feelings but everyday I’m finding it harder to even find a reason to get out of bed. I have bad coping mechanisms and I’ve been trying to stay away from them but I failed. I don’t know what to do anymore and my home life isn’t that great either. I’m slowly giving up. That’s also kinda of why I haven’t been much. Does anyone else feel like this?


oh … i felt that way for a long time and i still feel sometimes, people think it’s easy and just say “it will be okay you have to try” .and then you try several times and always arrive at the same place, what nobody tells you is that in addition to trying you need to change, you can start pushing people and things that make you sick.
it may sound silly but i would honestly like to recommend you a book that did me VERY well, seriously it was amazing, his name is the morning miracle is a prefect self help book. Anyway, just know that all of us in the community are here to welcome you and wish you positive energy and that everything is really okay, you are an amazing person and you don’t deserve to go through this :sparkling_heart:


From 19-23ish i had a hard time w/ depression. I did a lot to just stay active during that time, too (i had left my longest held job because of it). But I started taking a lot of peer support groups, trying to at least leave my room for even small stuff: taking dishes back to the kitchen, opening curtains in our apartment in the morning, light cleaning… my mom even made me a list --yeah chores, but it got me active even inside the house and out of my room.

Its hard to stay motivated during these moments, and I don’t know how long you’ve been dealing w/ it but It does get better /honestly. One day at a time, and one foot in front of the other. You’ll eventually get a good groove, and see how well you can balance stress.



eh and if something is written wrong it is all Google translate fault but my words are sincere :+1:

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I’ll check out the book

yes this is perfect this is what i’m talking about

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And thank you for the advice

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all right, the author’s name is Hal Elrod

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I have always found one of the problems in western society is that we are trained to think of happiness as something we must find by doing things by ourselves for ourselves. But I have found that people who struggle the most doing that may very well be the type of person that is more likely to find happiness helping others. I know because I am one of those people.

Home life was hard for me, I really struggled in school, and found very little purpose and motivation at times. Then I started volunteering. It changed my outlook on life.

Have you ever thought of volunteering? Maybe offer to walk dogs at an animal shelter, or help out at a soup kitchen? There are so many options. I find helping others is one of the best ways I have been able to make myself happy. And it makes sense. Humans for so long have been creatures that lived in small tight nit communities, and we were able to have what felt like a meaningful impact on the people around us all the time. We had to to stay alive. But, as society has gotten bigger and more complex, it has stripped a lot of responsibility from us. Suicide is so much higher in the developed world, and this may very well play a part of in it. People don’t feel like they are getting anywhere. But sometimes it’s not the destination, but how you got there. I take things slow, and I enjoy helping people even if that slows down my goals. Because helping them, makes me happy.

I am not a doctor, and this is not professional advice. But, maybe you might just be the type of person who needs that, but maybe you are not. I just find that my meaning, my reason to get up out of bed is because I want to help others, and in a way that helps me. The biggest challenge is fighting off the anxiety and taking the first steps, making that call to some place. With that said, this is not a substitute for professional help, but it is something you can do and have full control over.

I wish you the best.


Please stay with us. We want you here.

You can type suicide into the Snapchat search bar to get some resources

There are a couple of threads like this on the forums

Please know that life is worth living. It really is.


I was never suicidal but my life really would be different if I didn’t have God, my mom(she encouraged me alot), and the thought that “there is so much more life than now”.

I gotta say life gets better the more you expirience it. Now is just a moment compared to the possibilities of the future.

Never compare yourself to others, you don’t know the things they go through to maintain that lifestyle. Always say to yourself, “there is more to my story”. And find that one person to confide in, even if its not family or friends.

You are beautifully and wonderfully made. Unique in design and full of undiscovered desires you never knew you had.

Be blessed :raised_hands:.


This was me on like 6th -7th grade. I’m not a professional medic I can’t give medical advice but as someone that went through this alone(I hate my parents btw they don’t help it at all) I’ll recommend you find people you trust with these manners and I recommend doing something that makes you happy and block all the distractions from that out. It helped me a lot


Agree 100% with this post. I struggled a lot with depression althroughout middle and high school. The two most important things I did; (1) find a passion or simply a way to express yourself, (2) find support groups or simply friends to talk to about it. I started rapping, writing poetry, etc. and even found 2-3 people that I could talk to about these issues who offered great advice and encouragement. Most important thing is to never give up. Feel free to talk to me or anyone here in the byte community whenever you need @Ciara


I feel like that alot, and have for years. You’re not alone and never will be.

I have been dealing with depression since I was a child, and I’ve been through extreme lows in my teens and early 20s, where I’ve thought about suicide daily, to a couple years with minimal inconveniences of suicidal thoughts (when my life was mostly more put together, I had therapy, stability, etc), to more lows like I’m experiencing currently.

The thing with depression is, while there isn’t a cure, there is management, and with a combination of therapy, good self care habits, routines, a support system, and potential medications, you can see a huge difference.

If your family is not a good care system, seek out friends or other loved ones who would be. And if none exist, look into online support by seeing if your online friends are willing to listen and allow you to open up. And if none will listen, there are always free and confidential lifelines and text lines you can contact to get someone who will listen to you.

Just remember, there is always someone who will be willing to listen to you. You’re not alone. :slightly_smiling_face:


this thread is proof that we have such an amazing community here :pray::heart:

if you ever need to talk, we’re here for you. don’t for one second think your life is not worth living; it is, and you are yet to experience your best moments.


I get that. I go on and off. Personally, my dogs are my lifeline. I know that sounds strange and maybe dramatic? But I feel it. Dogs are just always in the moment and I love that shiz. Say I step on my baby girl’s tail… She yelps. I panic, love up on her, and then she’s good. It is over. She’s done with the situation and no moves on. It’s freaking crazy. It’s downright admirable.

I am one of those people who don’t take meds for stuff like this, but just have my pups to help. I don’t know if you like pets. Maybe you’re allergic. But what Thinkfact said up there about helping others, I believe that. Sign up for volunteering somewhere if you can. I know I feel better when I do something like that. There’s a sense of pride and accomplishment that goes along with being nice to another being or even the planet.

Okay I’m done droning on. Here’s some pictures of my favorite expressions I’ve caught of my dogs:

Hang in there. :heart:


Thanks for all the kind words and advice but I don’t think any of its gonna work its just getting worse and so is my life I don’t feel like trying anymore

not that anyone cares or anything but i think i just wanna end it lmao its whater tho

I suggest you live a little first :wink: I’m assuming you’re a bit younger than me and I don’t want this to come off as patronising so let me say I’m in my 30s and am clueless but… You have no idea what you’re capable of @Ciara. It would be really dumb to end it all now when you’ve barely got going. People do and will care. “Choose life”

But like it’s not just whatever though…for real. Hang in there. I can’t promise it will get better immediately or make any predictions about your future, but I think you’re cool tbh.

You came in here with the other tiktokers from what I remember a few weeks ago or however long, but I think it’s cool you stuck around and gave us a chance. Humor and sarcasm aside for a minute, you seem better than most people I meet on a daily basis. No reason to take good people off the earth like that. I was an emotional wreck when I was a teenager and heck occasionally I bump back in there for some dumb crap that happens or the other, but I bounce back eventually. Most importantly, I found there is a lot more to life than what I thought there was when I was younger.

Take a deep breath. :purple_heart:

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