Struggling youtuber :(

Can I get some subs please?

Sub for sub?

Why do people still do sub for sub? It doesn’t help at all.


I love your videso - they are exeptional - outstanding overall the best!

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Probably to get their subscriber count up

Ik but it’s gonna look bad if their channel has 1,000 subscribers and only gets 5 views a video.


Yeah that would be bad, maybe a few sub 4 subs but not that many

I think you’ll agree with this:

The problem with this approach is the numbers game works in your favor, but that only works for short-term gains and doesn’t bring value to people (which is not what successful people do on any platform)

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Yeah, + it will hurt you massively in the algorithm. The algorithm will suggest your video in a lot more places depending on how many of your subscribers view the video within it first being uploaded. If you have 5k subs, and only 10 people watch your video, your videos won’t grow at all, because all that says is that you have a bunch of inactive subscribers that don’t care about your content/find your content boring.