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My biggest problem with the old app was it’s lack of navigation. I didn’t get the app myself because any time my sister would want to show me a vine she’d already passed, it would take her close to thirty minutes of scrolling to find it.
I’d like to make a few suggestions to help this aspect of the app, if they’re feasible.

I know this one’s been suggested before, but it’s really important. There needs to be a search bar that can locate a video based on words the artist has linked to it. That way if you can’t remember the particular name of the video you can still locate it.

I know the old app used hashtags (and not being a user I can’t say I know for sure how they work, but I assume they act like a sort of sub-category, right? If I look up a hashtag it’ll give me a scroll of all the videos with that hashtag? If I’m wrong let me know, but I’ll write under that assumption).
This method can’t replace tags because it’s ineffective at getting you straight to the video you want, while tags can group together and prioritize the most likely videos first.

This one’s really important. Instead of seeing one video per page scroll, I should see several. The logistics of this need to be worked out of course, but I figure seeing rows of three video thumbnails (possibly moving?) would be extremely beneficial to finding a video faster. There could also be a zoom option for people who can’t see as well or just want to see individual vines in a row.

The main difference is that this wouldn’t be an exploration feature, but specified search feature.

This one’s minor in comparison, but allowing people to accumulate their own personal playlists would be really helpful for navigation. People could then more easily locate vines they liked by attaching it to their own personal category.
This would also be great for sharing. You could have the default view be the thumbnails of the videos, but there would be a button at the top that would allow you to just watch all of the videos play in sequence, like a personal compilation. These could be made public or private, and should help a lot with artist’s discoverability.

Those are just my thoughts though :slight_smile: I’m sorry if any of these features already existed, were already discussed, or wouldn’t be practical. And thanks for reading! :smile:

@dom I thought you should see this.

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I found the app was easy to navigate. I guess it might’ve just depended on who you were and how much time you were on it.
Also. I think you could’ve tagged people in the comments. You said you didn’t have an account, but if you did, your sister could’ve tagged you in the comments so she didn’t need to dig thru the whole app to find it.

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Yeah, but that wouldn’t exactly help bring in new users. I only liked the app after it died because I got to see all the creative ways people used the format through RIP Vine compilations.
Plus, searching is pretty basic necessity when your talking about a content app with thousands of artists.

Some cool ideas mentioned here in terms of tags and searching for videos

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