Stories and Live?

My main reason for it is eventually bigger creators would want to interact more real time with their audiance. Better to keep them here than go to Twitch.

We’re supposed to be here creating and watching bytes, what’s the point if everyone’s sat watching you live stream?

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The app will literally always be about the creators videos, as it should be. But nobody looks at YouTubes live function as a bad thing, it’s just a feature that people like, but it’s still about the creators videos.
People want to interact with creators they like and creators want to interact with their audiances.

See I don’t see this app as a fan base kinda situation. It’s more like friends. We can chat wherever. If you have fans then they won’t mind hopping onto another platform to watch you stream.


I feel like it waters it down, and it’s less about content, and more about ego. There are 20+ apps that go live. I don’t think it’s necessary at the moment.


Yeah that’s my feeling as well. The app almost nearly live in the way it’s structured anyway.


hate to be that person but here’s a topic I made a whiiiile back about byte stories

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Why if you feel you have the audience to warrant needing a live feature would you not just go on twitch and make some bread? :roll_eyes:

I love IG stories, I basically just use it instead of posting normally :sweat_smile:

Still, I wouldn’t care for it here, I’d rather just see more bytes. Delete them after a day if you want haha


How many ppl go on your lives? Its fun for other ppl

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if stories and lives do get implemented (and don’t come for me for this one LMAO)- then I would LOVE a MUTE option. I follow a wide range of people but i might prefer to only see lives and stories of the creators I am closer with…I’ve also BEEN waiting for that ‘not for me’ button since it was announced a couple months ago teehee.


I need a turn off rebytes option to go with that not for me button because I’m getting some whack bytes in my feed and I hate unfollowing people because of their rebytes :grimacing:


a way to turn off rebytes in your following feed is def a good idea- I used to be a little frustrated when someone would rebyte a lot, but nowadays thats how I find new creative people to follow


The problem with lives is all you get is a bunch of people asking for gifts and money. So annoying!

I like the idea of having live


I had the idea of a bare bones live version a while back. Just a video and comment section so a creator can hang out with their community. No emojis and gifs flying around and definitely no donations. Just lead to donation begging.


Live… again :sweat_smile: people are ver persistant with this (I really want it too so I’m kinda glad it doesn’t lose interest)


be great to see a Live and Stories and 60 secs videos test it out in beta first to see how it goes

not sure if their mind has changed now, but they said they wouldn’t do stories/livestreams

personally, i wouldn’t want them😅

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It seems like everybody who advocates for Livestream is thinking from the Creator perspective rather than the viewer perspective, meanwhile the byte team values the viewer perspective now than the creator perspective. :face_with_monocle: