Stop using TikTok as an editor. Here are some alternatives:

There are lots of FREE editors out there that are better. I know it may be intimidating to learn how to edit in a new app but ultimately your videos will be better for it.

This one is really flexible,you can pay for more features if you want, but the free version is pretty packed with features. You can edit, add affects, add music, edit a different aspect ratios, and add music from pre-existing video.

VUE - Video Editor Movie Maker by VUE VIDEO CO., LTD.

Here’s another popular one much like the one above

Splice - Video Editor & Maker by Bending Spoons Apps IVS

This one is cool and can help you do a green screen effects. It’s a little tricky but there are some online tutorials that would help you .

Videoleap Video Editor by Lightricks Ltd.

This isn’t an editor so much as it is a fun app that you can add effects to your videos with. I’ve had it for years.

Glitché by Glitche Ltd.

This is an editor, but I camera app and I find it indispensable, especially if you need a super super super short clip to add to whatever you’re editing

OK Video by pixelrock

There are tons more. But hopefully this pointed in the right direction!!


Also, I will be interested to learn what anybody else is using, it’s always fun to experiment


I use a little app called Byte :smirk:

And sometimes VivaCut which has some cool features but I mainly use it for cropping and little tweaks.


I use InShot, I’m making a video series on byte, showing how to use it effectively.


I use VideoShop .


I wish there was an in app editor so in leu of that this is what i use :man_shrugging:t2:


I wish there were just a few more tools available, but the things I want are just what vine ended up being haha a trim would be a game changer for me though. Cor self timer and trim, ultimate combo for the all natty byter


I also use VideoShop and find it to be a pretty complete package for what I need when making edits/adding external sounds. It’s free, too


I started using Video leap recently. The masking is pretty nice


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I use Videoleap and I even pay for the extra features. It allows me to layer gifs and sounds and it’s been amazing I don’t want to use anything else lmao


I use YouCut on my phone. Pretty simple UI


OKVideo is an incredible app for anything point and shoot. You have to take the video to another editor if you want to add effects. It’s simple and reminds me of the vine camera.

Videoshop is great. Like I said in my last post, it’s a great free workhorse phone editing app. I use it for 90% of my posts. You can EXTRACT AUDIO using this app which pretty much eliminates the need for TikTok usage, as you can just screen record audio from spotify or Apple Music.

iMovie is already on your iPhone if you have one, and can do a decent amount. It’s enough to get started with and break before trying other apps.

Side note:
How do creators make green screen effects with their phones? I used to use Pocket Video in the past, but that whole app changed and it doesn’t appear to be a feature anymore…


The thing is, TikTok has really good video editing tools and tons of filters and sounds that these kids already know how to use. It’s just too bad the watermark can’t be removed.

But this is a good list of alternative apps they can use. :+1:t3:


I did not realize there was such a variety in video editing apps. I am glad you posted about these; now we can stop seeing those pesky tiktok marks. Besides, it is bad for Byte’s branding if there are tiktoks all over it.


I’m not proud of this but I’ve filmed videos on tiktok then gone too a different editor and zoomed in to crop the watermark lol

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With Videoshop you can do gif tracking and something I like to do is shift frames around sometimes. For horizontal footage that doesn’t scale nicely vertically I will sometimes keep its horizontal dimensions and just shift the original dimensions around within the vertical canvas. Here is an example that demonstrates both:


I use Cute Cut Pro for many years

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Actually I use a app that removes the watermark


there is a way to get the tiktok without the watermark, before you chose to post it or save it to your drafts there’s a preview that doesn’t have any watermarks so you can just screen record that