Stop using cancel culture on stuff that happened when people were young

I think Gen Z should stop cancelling people for shit they said in middle school, because then you should cancel the whole school of middle schoolers instead, because they say random racist/homophobic stuff all the time. :sob: :skull:


I don’t think thats a thing tbh, I’ve only seen people held accountable for something they’ve done recently/ as an adult.


Yeah true tho😭

eh, i’ve definitely seen it happen. someone tried canceling kurtis conner last year over him saying the f slur in 2009… he immediately apologized for it but considering the tweets were from 10 years earlier it’s kinda odd that someone went out of their way to dig that up


in my head I was thinking more of like how some of those racist tik tok kids got their university admissions revoked and stuff. But yeah I guess it happens sometimes with some influencers but I can’t say if its that effective.