Stop the BS

Oop-. I don’t remember his real name that’s how irelevant he is to me💀



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He did it when that was the point of the- nevermind.

It doesn’t matter

Uh yeah don’t matter he did it❤️

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He was a dude playing a dude that’s all it was :rofl:

I was just trying to follow your one-word responses. Ah well. :man_shrugging:

Have you seen the movie

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Oh lmao sorry

I really don’t care. He put on makeup to look like a black men and defended the role. It dosent matter

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S’all good.

I don’t care about the plot It’s still offensive

Uh , I don’t care about the plot of the movie and I’m having trouble understanding why you say I’m hiding. He put on makeup to look like a black men. I don’t like that because it’s blackface.

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FWIW the whole joke behind the character is that he’s too stupid and self absorbed to realize how offensive it is.


To get back on topic, most of the OG’s are decent people. While some liked the direction the app was going mid April, it’s undeniable that the longer video format with easy creation tools is the future.

6.5 - 16 secs was novel in the beginning with the challenge of fitting a lot into a tiny allotment of time. Yet, now short vids are used to convey complex ideas, share the news, and make extended narratives. Vine had its moment but it died because it couldn’t innovate / evolve.

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I fucking LOVE tropic thunder and RBJ’s character I don’t care what anyone says

No :heart: