Stop Talking about OEVO

Not necessarily STOP, but please stop asking questions like:
“Is OEVO v2?”
“Should we use OEVO”
“OEVO is v2?”

These are the v2 forums. Clearly, if v2 were to be released, we would have known of its name weeks in advance (because of the beta). There are somehow duplicate topics advertising OEVO and it’s getting ridiculous, really. Please at least take the time to search up old topics on this subject, in order to reduce clutter/spam on the forums.


I tried out oevo. A decent setup but loading is very slow, stats are inconsistent. It needs lots of improvement, I deleted the app altogether :confused:


Obviously, you understand that OEVO is not v2. But there are others that are more susceptible to the


OEVO isn't good. 

Therefore, v2 isn't good.

mindset before the app even comes out.

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It’s probably just me but i would feel guilty if i used a V2 knockoff. Like what would Uncle Dom think :joy::joy::joy::joy:


just realized that by taking about oevo youre taking more about oevo…LOL


Read the first sentence of my post again. Thanks!

It’s important to discuss it as it can interfere with v2. But I understand that constantly discussing it is not good.

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Discussing it is perfectly fine, but I keep seeing the same “Is OEVO v2?” type of topics being made. Instead of making “new” OEVO topics, posting to a previously made topic would be better.

I mean it is totally fine if people use it but they do need to realize that this is not v2. I mean what if the v2 team is taking note on how people react to these new apps.


Just chilly your willy. Let people talk about what they want even if it is annoying.

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Ah, you don’t seem to understand what I’m concerned about.

OEVO is not “v2”, and people need to understand that.

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exactly my experience…smh

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Yeah I think people understand that.
I just don’t understand the purpose of making a topic like this when it would be easier to bring them to the topic that was made blur OVEO

Why rant? Like I got want you mean most definitely, it’s annoying but people are just curious :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:, they want to know abt the app

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Wtf is an oevo

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Oevo wasn’t designed well enough it has a lot of bugs

Which is fine, but they should make sure not to confuse the two.

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It’s a bad app, if anything the only thing that OEVO has done for the V2 community is showing us what we don’t want from the app lol. So stating that we shouldn’t talk about it is counterproductive imo. If anything we should discuss how to destroy them and or learn from their mistakes.
For example, it’s a pretty bad copy of the vine app, and they added no new features.
V2 should show us improvement in the sense that we don’t want it to be the same as before, so let’s urge the developers to add new stuff like stories(not my favorite thing but honestly it’s fun to just have snap chat on other apps lol), upload from a pc, a video editor. You know…all the stuff OEVO hasn’t done at all :rofl::rofl::rofl: plus their server connection was super bad for me.

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As I’ve already stated: