Stop Fake V2 Rumors on Twitter

If you do a search on Twitter for “Vine 2” you’ll see all kinds of tweets from people saying that the new followup app for Vine is out. They are referring to the fake V2 app someone released in the App Store recently.

I think it would be a good idea for some of @Dom’s staff to spend some time reaching out to these people from the official @v2app Twitter account to let them know it’s not the real V2 app. Otherwise, it seems like a lot of people are being fooled by this poorly-designed counterfeit app.


I think it would be too difficult to reach out to all the different people out there. It would be nice to reach out to the creators who have been tricked. Not much we can do except more announcements, etc


It would be pretty easy, actually, and once you’ve notified enough people, the word will eventually spread on its own.

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good point

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What a shame those people! They do not verify before if V2 was officially launched