Stop being ridiculous. Growth is good

The influx if Tiktok kids is GOOD for the app. Some of you need a reminder that Byte is a company with investors and employees that needs to generate MONEY and the only way to do that is to grow with new users. They didn’t make an app so 40 of you could have a little safe spot all to yourselves. Just because you were here before them doesn’t make you better or special, and it doesn’t give you the right to dictate who is and isn’t allowed on the app.

Get a grip. If Tiktok actually gets banned and everybody comes over the days of peaceful harmony are going to be over. And if it doesn’t get banned, they’re all gonna leave anyway.


Yeah we’re just going through growing pains. Overall this is great for the app. I don’t know about you guys but I’m happy the app is gaining users instead of losing them for once.


This is quite Reaganesque. Any growth that sacrifices a positive community is not good. It is possible to grow without such sacrifice. Mutual understanding is key.


Facts :point_up_2:


Personally I revel in the chaos


you have a really good take on the whole situation! i really respect that. i think people’s problem is how hateful they’re being, unprovoked. it’s the comments and videos flooding in saying they’re gonna ‘bully the old people off the app’. hopefully soon the drama settles and they take time to realise the original creators are nice people and not ‘unfunny paedophiles’. i’m sure it’ll just take time and a bit of perseverance :blush:


And just because people are loosing their app doesn’t give them the right to decide we aren’t allowed here. We just want people to not flood us with straight up aggression.
What’s so wrong in wanting to cultivate a safe space? We managed it alright for 2 years, all it takes is for people to not want to be jerks. Instead of saying “grow a thicker skin” how about just… trying to be one of the not-horrible people?


Yeah but most OGs are just gonna leave the app and search a new place for funny content and Byte will just turn into TikTok again

What? Byte users have been very welcoming! It has been the tiktok kids telling people who can stay and who must go.


in two years following the byte I have never seen new members so arrogant, before these children arrived there was already an application and a community made, they who must respect others.


The entitlement is shocking. When I was in the Marines and being stationed in Japan it was common sense that we respect the culture of our new home. Also, we didn’t expect the the Japanese people to accommodate to our language, but rather we accommodated to theirs.