Stop being crummy to furries

The day the app went public there were countless reports on Twitter of users being toxic and abusive towards furries.

With the new /furry channel, I’ve seen several bytes expressing some form of disdain. It’s unacceptable. Do better. I want to amplify this message by @WolfHarrington who says it much better than I could:


People who themselves spread hatred and are unnecessarily aggressive towards people who are doing no harm or doing nothing wrong, are within themselves the problem.


@ThinkFact exactly


When will they ever learn :roll_eyes:🤦🏻

I expected better from this community, thought at this point everyone would start to accept each other regardless of age or fandom

Should’ve know this was coming especially when this was mostly taking effect on me and my account as well

Y’all were a mistake, do better at treating others with the proper respect they deserve

And if any of you disagree or hate me for whatever reason, just block me. I don’t even care at this point, I don’t have the time to deal with any of this bull💩

And I know there are some people left on here that aren’t hateful towards others so to those people, I apologize for my harsh rant and for all the horrible things that you’re all witnessing

Let’s strive for positivity in the community, not for discrimination against others even your own :relieved:


The hypocrisy is real.


Exactly this is a community focused place so you would think communities from all places would be better respected by now.


disappointing for sure :confused:


Regardless of one of my recent forum posts… I have always loved Byte, and @dom & his team, for making a safe environment for all and every community. I was really upset to see how furries were treated in the beginning of the app’s release because, whether you like & understand them or not, Furries definitely have a tough time finding a place to call home. They just want to be comfortable and enjoy themselves by being themselves without unnecessary ridicule from people who haven’t even taken a second to get to know them. The internet isn’t a safe space all the time, and I get that you can’t stop every negative thing on Byte from happening. But dudes, just chill. Leave em be. We have separate channels for a reason. If you don’t wanna see or interact with furries, then just don’t go to their channel. But bullying anyone that’s just minding their own business and not being harmful towards others off an app for no good reason, is dumb. I’m happy to be part of an app that is so accepting.


Ameeeen to this. As someone who knows and loves many furries in real life I get Big Mad when people shit talk them. No one deserves to be bullied for what they love/how they live their lives, but E s p e c i a l l y not a community that is comprised of people who are generally very sweet and accepting of everyone; flaws, quirks, and all.

Fursuits take hours of work and A Lot of money to make. Fursonas are full characters with commissioned art that supports tons of independent artists across the web. Being a furry requires time, effort, and most of all creativity.

Furries bring characters and storylines to life in a unique and charming way. If you can’t understand or respect their hobby/art form it’s you who needs to change, not them.


Furries are actually incredible allies to have, they don’t deserve the hate

I mean, if their hobby/lifestyle wigs you out FINE it’s not for you but you don’t need to give them shit for it

Cause they would absolutely back you up on whatever weird shit you’re into


It requires surprisingly little effort to not be shitty to people


Disagreeing with what they practice is one thing, but legitimately bullying someone for a generally innocuous hobby isn’t at all how someone should be treated. Just live and let live.

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It seems that furries are universally hated

one of bytes best features is its inclusive and diverse community and those who hinder that have no place in this team we are all apart of

creativity and ones interests are perspective and not everyone is going to concur with one another on that but that is no excuse not to be able to understand and respect that difference in perspective and be able to coexist with one another :heart: