Stolen Content

Apologies if this has already been brought up,
but will there be something in place for accounts that rip and repost content under their own username? I feel like this is an issue across almost all social media platforms but will there be something on v2 that prevents this, or a system that people can go through?

I realize this is a tough thing to categorize because people will obviously use clips of other things to make something new. I’m specifically talking about a straight upload with no transformation from the original content.


good question. my naive response, but how much does watermarking address this?


I think that would be beneficial if it was a watermark specific to the creator. Since we’re not clear on file uploads vs. in-app editor maybe there could be a tool that applies the watermark to the video in-app? The only concern obviously would be that it is embedded into the video upon download.


yeah, I think that’s a decision that’s best let up to the artist. you could watermark (or “sign”) your work, but the trade off is it’s part of the video


love it, thanks!


Maybe if there was a watermark similar to that of YouTube’s “branding” feature where you can overlay a small little icon in the corner of the video that links to your channel? It’s a bit more streamlined as when you change it it changes across all videos and looks really solid when done right!


I don’t think there’s anything you could implement into the app to automatically detect stolen content, and if you could, it’s possible that it would falsely accuse people… I think there will always be people that steal content, but as a community we can not support it


dang that sounds really cool

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will look into this. It’s a little more difficult if we build the marks into the video since it would involve storing an “unbranded” version of the video on our servers and then applying the watermark on that side, plus re-rendering any time the name is changed. but it’s an ideal case and something to work towards.


great idea and suggestion

I don’t think it’s rendered to the video, but more or less an object placed on top of the content, but I haven’t programmed in years so I also don’t know how difficult that is to do nor do I know how YouTube does it ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I know with YouTube if you download the video with an external site the watermark is removed. That was my only concern.

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@dom this IS good :wink:

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It’s sort of pointless if it’s not in the video, isn’t it? We’ll make sure any implementation inserts it into the video.


Dom, I can answer this in detail if you like. I run an Influencer agency who specialise in taking down ripped content and I know the answer. The short answer is watermarks barely benefit the original creator at all.


Please chime in!


just occurred to me how often watermarks are cropped out. this is a tough thing to combat.


Or covered with another one


Honestly, this is exactly what the platform needs. This would also counter any transfer of praise that happens when a vine is posted to a blog or website. (i.e. BuzzFeed making a list) It would also be amazing to have a quick link to the creators profile in this case.


@dom I think there should be some sort or algorithm that detects if the video you are uploading is too similar to another. Then the video has to be approved by moderators before it goes public.