Stolen Anime edits

I have realized from the anime section that most of the content is stolen from Vine, Instragram and some are even stolen anime edits from Byte.

I was wondering if anything is going to be done about this because I thought Byte was about creativity first, and all these stolen content isn’t really creative.

Also, the major problem I find with this is it’s going to make lots of new creators have a challenge to grow their fanbase due to people spamming daily stolen content.


It’s common across any social media platform. What I’d would recommend if you know the owner of the video reach out and let them flag it for copyright infringement (DMCA).

I’d would be fine if the users whom are reposting give credits to editor(s) or credits in the video — but those who edits out the editor and claims the content should…

In General Prohibitions and Byte’s Enforcement Rights it’s a violation.



Alrighty, I will try contacting the original creators if I see their content stolen and used without their permission.

For me I’m not 100% for repost even if they give credits. But I can also see why your fine with it because lots of other creators who repost don’t even give credits.

Thanks for your response and time : )


Just report it man, it happens on every platform, it’s even happened to me on IG.

When it used to happen to me, I would reach out to the stolen content and ask to be credited for have it taken down. If not, I would report it and have everyone I know report it as well.


Alrighty. Thanks for your opinion on the topic : )