Stock piling for v2 lol

Anyone else started to stock pile material for V2 :joy: I have started to put together 6 second comedy segments :grinning:


of course!!!

Not yet. Only scripted ideas.

Not yet. Waiting until we’re closer.

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I just have the ideas

Only ideas for now

Came up with my first idea yesterday! Not that funny, but it’s getting my gears working

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Absolutely, just to be ready for any unexpected launch!

I’ve been saying that I will, but I haven’t started yet… :sweat_smile:

I have made so many already :joy:

Capture%20_2018-01-22-19-10-13 have A LOT!!!

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Tbh i just plan on resposting stuff from my instagram for a while so

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Nope, gotta muster up the courage first and by the time I do I’ll probably have to just wing it :P\