Still in early access

My country is still in early access mode like none of my friends can use byte wich is pretty disappointing im dissatisfied since I feel locked up in beta mode even tho the app actually dropped and I feel really demotivated and I don’t have the energy to create since the app basically doesn’t exist someone please work on it it feels unhealthy and I’d appreciate if yall don’t mind to follow me @hn_nabhan since my account isn’t even engaging :man_shrugging:t2:

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It’ll eventually come to your area

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I’ve been patient for almost three years now and for it to drop like this is frustrating tbh!

I mean I know but like I want to grow my account but here basically no one knows about byte so I can’t even promote myself

Yeah, it hasn’t been released where I live either, but the best thing to do is to have patience. I enjoy making Bytes on the early access version I have, it’s really fun! I’m sure that it will be released in other countries soon!