Stefán Karl Stefánsson

I have some terrible news. Lazy Town actor and causes of one of the best memes ever, Stefán Karl Stefánsson has irremovable cancer. This is terminal cancer, but he has fought cancer time and time again and won. He’s brought me tons of joy, more than I would ever believe, through memes, and of course the original show that he acted on from which I first saw him, Lazy Town. He is an important person to me, and believe it or not, he actually got me into memes! I’ve been following the We Are Number One memes ever since the beginning, and it is extremely terrible that this has to happen to Stefán. If any of you know Stefán Karl in any way, or want to know more about him, please use these links. It’ll be a sad day the day we see him go. I’ll always get joy from the memories and memes of him though.

Here’s an important tweet he made.


omg i remember lazy town! that was my mf show in the early 2000s :joy:


I remember when that started airing I was like 8… I still watched that show idc


I love watched Lazy Town, this man make my childhood. I think that he was already death, is he alive? Sorry but i have read a lot of rumors

Oh jeez I thought he died, I heard about his cancer last year and it broke my heart, he was my favorite character in lazytown :frowning:

no he’s still alive, but he has terminal cancer now :((((

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I love lazy town, especially Robbie rotten :frowning: