Stats Option Idea πŸ’‘

I was thinking about how we can search our stats in a more easy way than the one that already exists. And I checked the profile and saw a space where we can add a button that when you tap it, it shows Your algorithm.
This is an example:

And Then I thought that when we edit there could be an option, that let’s you show your stats to your audience as an option:

And if you Click on to that option you show your stats to your audience:
Kind of like Vine back on the day way:
This is an example:

It is an idea that could be implemented and I think that everyone will like it, as it is an easy way to see your stats and have the option to show them if you want.

  • this message is especially for: @dom
  • Have a nice day everyone, and hope to see criticism if it is necessary, a brain storm it would be also nice.

good idea

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Thanks bro

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If this isn’t something the byte team has considered/discussed already it would explain a few things.

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I hope they have already talked about this.