Starting Youtube Channel!

Hey guys Alex here :D!

I want to start a YouTube channel soon. I some content in mind but just need some tips on some equipment, editing software and some other basics like lighting and such. Any suggestions? Also this goes for those who don’t and do have Youtube Channels



If you want to film at your computer, any 1080p webcam will suffice. I have a Blue Yeti for my recording needs but a Snowball is probably fine to begin with (I was interviewing and podcasting so I wanted something a little beefier). If you are going to film away from your computer, your phone is an amazing tool that will deliver time and again. I used a Sony Handicam for some stuff way back when, which I enjoyed because the screen flipped around and I could stay in shot. The newest iteration is about $190, but there are always sales.

Editing, I use Filmora. I find it intuitive and really enjoy the available options for fonts and credits, etc. You can always purchase more items if you find the available stuff isn’t extensive enough. I paid for it, got it during one of their sales for around $39. I use Bandicam for screen capture but OBS will do nicely if you’re just starting out.

Just my two cents.

Kane out.

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I can help you with editing programs, just with that:

-If you are new I recommend you Camtasia Studio or Windows Movie Maker
-If you already have knowledge, I recommend you Sony Vegas or After Effects
-If you already have a lot of knowledge, I recommend you Adobe Premiere Pro,Final Cut Pro or Lightworks Pro

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Start off filming with your iPhone and then when you have a good following e.g 10k then maybe start buying equipment. Try out YouTube and see if you have time for making vids, editing and if you actually like what your doing.


Thanks Guys! Appreciate it<3

As a viewer, I’ll tell you this, lighting helps a lot. Also, editing is nice, but over-editing gets me to click off of a video.

I will say that for editing, I use FCPX and I really love the features it has! Although if you need a cheaper option I definitely recommend iMovie. I used to use it a few years back when I was making gaming content and it’s not too bad for a starter editor.
I’m not great with equipment but for a microphone I use a Blue Yeti despite not recommending it (its overly expensive despite its popularity)

Not an expert but if you do end up starting a channel make sure to let us know so we can subscribe! Hope everything goes well Alex :))

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