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So I’ve been thinking of creating a youtube channel of like funny skits and things like that along with some gaming and other things but at myschool things get spread around fast and I mean fast. I gave tried to do youtube in the past but I get bullied for it alot. How do I start it without worrying? Any ideas I could do? And what’s some good editing software?


Just start and don’t care… It was the same for me when I started I had the fear of embarrassment. But with time I grew my following and everyone in campus have heard of me. Kinda feels nice. XD

Also I use Adobe Premiere Pro for editing and post skits on my channel


don’t worry about bullies - they’re just jealous of you. do youtube because you love it! if they really seem to bug you report and block them and delete their mean comments!


Most of the time people bully because they’re jealous. It’s really hard to be bold enough to put yourself out there on youtube and create content. Also if you need motivation check out this video!


IF you’re worried about it, maybe make the name o do your channel something that doesn’t have to do with your name, so its harder for people to find it. Windows movie maker or iMovie are good if you’re just starting out


Seriously just do it!!! The most important thing is that you like doing it, not what others say. It’s all you, dude. btw if u want u can show them all the support on here :wink:

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Premiere Pro and Photoshop are the stuff I use mostly. I scrapped some of my channels since I had no time to work on them because of uni, but I’ll get back into it.

For the record thanks to the power of the internet you don’t even have to show your face and use your real name to do “let’s plays” or “a podcast” or “animation”. If anything keeping your identity under wraps makes audiences more invested in the mystery until they are devoted to you. Later you do a face reveal when you reach high in the subscriber count and your classmates can feel like idiots.

The hard part is growing the audience lol, but just because kids are assholes, doesn’t mean you can’t do what you want. I’m not telling you it’s okay to act like a nuisance in public, and be a “savage” or a “maverick”, because that’ll make you just like them (a asshole yo). Do what you love as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody. BUT, if you want to show your face and be yourself then suck up the bullying and do it. Maybe a group of dicks will bother you, but someone in that school will be curious, look you up and enjoy your content.

When I was being bullied, my brain just made a quick comebacks mechanism, it’ll always respond with an insult back. Sometimes they where good (ergo funny), the rest where just bad or hurtful. Either way tho, make a group of friends to stick together so school isn’t lonely and somebody backs you up if stuff get’s physical. Maybe Youtube can help with that. The only way of knowing is trying it out!


Just don’t tell anyone about it. If you let it get big enough to the point where people from your school find it organically, there’s nothing to bully about because you’ll have thousands of followers.


I agree. And if you get made fun of, it’s okay because you’re happy making videos!

If you really truly want to start a YouTube channel then definitely go for it, don’t worry about people at your school finding out :sweat_smile: do your friends support you starting a YouTube channel? because they can defend you against people bullying you. if you do end up making one post the name here so we can find it

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