"Start from beginning" button

Imagine this- On someone’s profile, jumping straight to their earliest upload and scrolling UP to view their Bytes in order of upload, rather than scrolling down and watching them all in backwards order


interesting, yeah might be nice to have a sort feature. Could also sort from highest to lowest likes or views to quickly find their best bytes


I like the premise and understand why this would interest you, but from a developer’s viewpoint, I could see why they would not want to provide this option…with the assumption that most people’s first videos are their worst videos.

They want people to stay on the app as long as possible and see the best in terms of quality. I wouldn’t want this option to be on my channel LOL! I want people to see what I’m doing now. If it was made easy for them to look back, they’d likely not give my channel a chance!


And I would counter that with, if a viewer likes your latest videos THAT MUCH that they would even consider using the button, they are likely to trudge through the painful early work. And I don’t know about you, but seeing the progression and improvement of a creator’s quality is inspiring and confidence building to me.

I’d also ask as well, if you’re so ashamed of your early work, why keep the videos up? YouTubers delete old videos all the time if they become obsolete or too cringey

I think a button like this makes sense for a lot of channels especially if they have recurring subjects or characters.


I don’t delete the videos for the very reason you said- I like to see the progress. I’m not ashamed of them. I’m just not as proud of them as my most recent ones.

You make a good point where it could bring inspiration. I used to do that with YouTubers all the time and it was really helpful seeing where they started (not great) to what they were at that point (stellar).

You know what, my friend? This comment of yours changed my mind. I agree with you. This button would be a good idea. See there, I can be receptive lol!


I think a jump to the first button would be great too.

For bytes, but also comments.


Sorting by newest, oldest, most viewed and most liked NEEDS to exist in the near future


I also wouldn’t mind a “pin” feature. If starting from the beginning is too arduous and cringe-y a concept, then possibly giving the user an opportunity to “pin” their favorite Byte to the top of their profile. I know I have one - my third or fourth on the app - that I very much appreciate and wish my current/new followers could see, but it’s buried underneath the constant flow of posts I’m creating.


I thought you were going to refer to starting a new byte page without deleting the account

This was a feature added near the end of Vine’s life and it was one of my favorites: a sort option toggle at the top of creator profiles To sort their videos by newest, oldest, and most popular. This would be so useful!!!’


Totally agree. It was great for me as a creator too tbh.

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Considering how YouTube does the same thing, that would make sense

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If byte has this feature then people could do some series to start at the beginning with.


yep! i loved when this feature came on :vine: (except the fact that i had the most cringe and embarrassing vines of myself since july 2013 that people could easily see) LOL

I always wanted an “unseen” mode. Only show me content that has never been across my screen. Only new. (Like an alternative to latest and my mix so you dont get ALL the videos. Only stuff you might like that you’ve never seen)


I very often get the same byte on my feed just two swipes apart which is pretty annoying.

ooo or a button to see byte from specific dates too!

I like this idea. I also fear this idea lol. My early Bytes are bad…really bad. But yeah it would be interesting to see if anyone likes the earlier stuff.