⭐️ Star Power: questions

What’s a good :star: number? Like over 30? 50? I’m not saying like huge big reoccurring, for smaller accounts.


Well your stars are directly based on the factors displayed on the screen, so at some number, you wouldn’t really be a small account anymore. Right now stars are just a way to measure your other factors, this tweet from dom would be worth noting :slight_smile:


I always thought 2 things should be shown on your profile page:

  1. Number of Followers
  2. Star Ranking

And that’s it. So from a simple glance, users can see how well you are doing by your follower numbers and star numbers without the need to expose more info (like loops, following, etc.)

Just a bit cleaner IMHO - Henry


I like the idea of showing stars being optional, for example I’d much rather show only my stars than my following. Not sure if that’ll be a thing, but I know you’ll be able to show or not show your following at some point


Well, let’s dream for a bit Cark. As a brand that wants to use a person to promote their product or services on Byte, they would want to know the number of followers they have and at a simple glance, gage where they fall with star rankings and their engagements in their last few videos. Just a thought, Henry


Of course it would be nice to be able to show it, but what we already know is that byte want anything you can show to be toggleable, as in if you can show followers, you can turn it off. So you’d absolutely say that if stars are ever public, you’ll be able to turn them off. I get the brand perspective, and why people would want to show them, just keep in mind not everyone wants to


I see your point too :slight_smile: And sometimes less is more in this case.


Yeah. I love the stars feature, and I especially love that you can earn stars in more than one way. I think adding more metrics to earn stars would be a good idea as long as they’re thought through and balanced. Stars are definitely a fun way to measure your activity on the app :slight_smile:


More ways are planned to gain stars I think, not a clue what, or when, but dom said it’s in the works :slight_smile: