Star Button should be added in the App?

Was posting an Twitter about a star button
It’s like the like button
But saves on your favorites page
And yea… anyone else wanna say something here?


What would the star button represent, I am confused


It can be used for a favorites page in the app on your profile

You mean like how you can favorite a YouTube video? That’s what I’m getting

Um… yes… It’s like the like button but more different and better

So a Like button for creators that you want to support and a Favorites button for content you want to re watch. That could be a cool feature. Should other people have access to your favorites page to see what you like or is that just for you?


Explain *sits down with intrigue

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Would be nice to share between users, much like Spotify or other platforms


A star button… where is my video

Dangit I couldn’t upload it

Just link it :blush:

Also if you don’t want it in your favorites
Just press the star button… It’s more like the redo feature on the Vine camera app

Or delete clip on the Vine camera app

So basically he’s talking about a like button

That what I’m getting from all of this

Yes I am but it’s different

Than duh like button

Just in the shape of a star

Yes… ._.

Ok now I understand