Square vs portrait pros/cons

Ok, so I know there’s a lot posts addressing the square videos vs portrait argument, even by Dom himself Square or Portrait?, but I figured that I would list some of the pros and cons that I think both have. If you guys have any comments in the points I brought up, or think that I should add more, then tell me.

TL;DR- with square, videos can be more consistent, there is more room for videos on the page, although that can cause a distraction, computer users can enjoy that ratio more, and some of your video is cut off.


  1. Everything’s more consistent- if everything’s is one aspect ratio, then it will look more uniform since it wouldn’t be a lot of squares and rectangles everywhere. Although that it isn’t too important to have it look very consistent, it can still help establish a uniform brand identity.

  2. More videos can fit on a page- if you want to see what the next video will be without scrolling off of the one you’re currently on, then you can just look below if they’re square. With portrait videos, it takes up the whole screen and you can’t look at what the next video is.

  3. Square can appeal to both mobile and computer users- since in the future, bye will probably have there app on a website, computer users will be able to view bytes. The thing is, portrait aspect ratios don’t look as good as squares on a landscape screen. This is the same with tablet users who might prefer to have there tablet turned sideways.


  1. It gives less room- since a good portion of the video will be cut off, it allows less space to make creative content. Since there’s also a time limit, it can hinder many people from making the content they want if it’s just square.

  2. It allows more distraction- a counter argument to the “more videos can fit on the page” is that it can make the screen look cluttered with video titles and videos, and it can lead people away from your vid faster if they see something that looks more interesting on the page.

Although I think that it is a legitimate option to just allow both square and portrait, I personally think that square videos is the best way to go. That’s just me though. Again, what do you guys think the video aspect ratio should be, and what do you think of the points I brought up?


I love the square option way more


I would love to see your take on pros and cons for portrait mode as well :blush:

With instagram having the ability to use any size format that would fit the creator is a great step to versatility on byte. Since Instagram is a widely used app I don’t think most people would mind :thinking:

However, since insta is very saturated, having just one video size on byte can give its own individual flare, I do agree :sparkles:

I do think that mobile viewing of bytes will be the top priority. If byte had an upload option for computer users (ex: easy upload for editors) that would be pretty awesome!

With vine being as successful as it was with square videos, I’d say portrait mode is like the extra icing on the cake we get to have more creative space. So we can adapt to either size because square is what we knew best :cake:

With the distraction point, unless the next video doesn’t play as you’re watching another one until you scroll down, it’s basically like a sneak peak to see what’s up next :film_strip:


Honestly I like the way Instagram does it. Squareis is the way to go.

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I agree. Like I said in my cons, cutting of a lot of the video can limit creative possibilities, so having portrait allows for a larger video which you can cram more content in.

The only reason why I kind of don’t like the mix is like I said, there’s not as much consistency, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.


I like Instagrams way…its not portrait it’s more 4:5 ratio

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Really difficult to know what the best ratio is. but I think id like bytes to be either square or portrait, rather than a different ratio

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I’m a fan of square because it just looks nice and it fits great for any phone. However, I get the feeling that the Byte creators want to be creative and innovative so I wouldn’t be surprised if they use portrait for bigger screen and more room to create.


Dom has tweeted that byte is multi-ratio, meaning you can have both portrait and square :slightly_smiling_face:


beat me to it :sweat_smile:

but yeah, this


Yeah, I know. I just wanted to make a post on what I think the disadvantages and advantages of both are.

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those turds can’t read properly^

also… square 100%

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so Square is different to Landscape then?

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I’m team square for sure, portrait is okay but either way I would rather a consistent shape for all videos on the platform. (and never landscape)

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