Spotlighting dangerous & illegal activity

I was just checking out the Spotlighted bytes and came across this byte:

While I have no issues with this poster making this byte, feel free to do whatever dumb things you want to and record them, it makes me feel really uncomfortable that byte is highlighting this post.

Especially with the influx of new very young users, I feel like this is a very irresponsible thing to be highlighting.

I never want to be a party pooper, and I do think the byte is funny, but it just doesn’t sit right with me.

What do y’all think?


Yeah I agree that it’s funny but I also think maybe putting that on spotlight is a yike. Wouldn’t want to encourage the community to do stupid/dangerous stuff just to get on spotlight and for ‘clout’. There should at least be a “do not try this at home” message underneath the video similar to tik tok’s warning messages for videos like these


Do it for the vine culture, while funny to watch, is not good for the real life people


Totally agree…giving props to jack-asseque stunts is problematic. I’ve had a few byte ideas that I opted not to pursue because they encouraged things that, taken too far, could lead to physical harm.


Yeah. Though tbh a “don’t try this at home” or warning message protects the app from liability more than it protects the actual people and kids who would still do it. Imo


This was on spotlight? yikes. no. That’s very irresponsible from the team.


Yeah. This is super bad.

Want to know what is one of the biggest causes of fatalities and major road accidents? People driving the wrong way into oncoming traffic.

Friend works for a major toll road agency.

They have it happen multiple times daily. People think it’s a joke, or that they can just change lanes back, and don’t realize the other car is coming at them just as fast and :oncoming_automobile: :boom: :oncoming_automobile:. I’ve seen one of these happen and it is terrifying.




It seems like the post was taken off of the Spotlight now.

I wonder what that process is like? Just pick random videos someone at byte HQ likes?

Glad it’s off, but wonder why someone thought that was worthy of highlighting.