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Quick question!

Are spotlight posts chosen by moderators of the channel, or is there some sort of algorithm?

Some posts are definitely high quality, and others have no comments and only 10-20 likes. Then there’s /memes with like 4 shrek spotlights lol.


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human curated


What is your opinion on being spotlighted twice in the same category or is it only just once?

@dom follow up question. @spotlight updates very regularly but channel spotlights seems to be the same for a very long period of time. Is there a plan to freshen channel spotlights up more or is there a reason they seem to always be the same?


Do channel spotlights also go to general spotlight automatically?

small team. currently no plans/capability to have them go any faster than they do right now. they’re more there for new users than people who come back to channels. the # of people who come back to channels at all is very, very, very low. this may change with some navigation changes in the future but the vast majority of channel consumption currently happens in following or your mix



feel free to put my bytes on spotlight if u need some extra vids :cowboy_hat_face:

Can i join the team?

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Can I join the team?

@Beeshrine thanks for bring this up. I thought the same thing. I go to the channels featured section all the time and it is stale but glad to understand that it’s a function of lack of resources. @dom you could have a volunteer pool on this task—the team would be comprised of people who are avid followers of the channels they select featured content for. But, I get pulling that together would be a whole other project that no one has time for. Maybe a committee for each channel.