Spotify/Any Music app connected to byte so you can add sounds from there

I love the idea of sounds in bytes, but as of now I can only add sounds from videos on my camera roll and random sounds others made (lots are great, but it takes a lot of time to click through every one to find something you like). I think connecting a music app like spotify, apple music, soundcloud, etc. would really improve the sounds feature. You can pick any song available on that app and you would also be able to crop the song so you only get the part of the song you want to use in the byte.

If someone already suggested this, feel free to delete this post :slight_smile: (I couldn’t find anything prior to posting this).


And how would the original artist be paid for this?

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Firstly, that sounds like a great idea, having major music services working with byte would really help with choosing and promoting songs without getting sued. But anyway here’s some statistics that shows which services earns the most money through subscriptions.

image image

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So I like the notion of legit songs on byte but this would require royalties to be paid by byte to allow access to music in app. Byte most certainly wouldn’t get access to every song as even tiktok can’t do that. If byte were to license music they would also need to adopt music recognition software to insure that users aren’t posting music that Byte doesn’t have access to. It isn’t as simple as striking a deal with Spotify or Apple.


Meanwhile, Twitch streamers are being carpetbombed by DMCAs by heavyhanded record labels