Sports editors?

Will sports editors have a place on v2? I had community of 30k on vine and was wondering if v2 would have a sports like community/category?


I’m sure it will have a “Sports” or similar category where these types of videos can be shared.

i second what he says^


Interesting , I do think they may have a [sports] category

as long as it doesn’t clog up my feed like certain edm edits use to i don’t see any problem

I am sure there will be a category for this on v2

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Honestly it’s a hard market. People like sports and the videos, but doesn’t results into gaining followers most times. And if you have a unique talent it’s hard as well. Vs markets that are bigger comedy and sexual appearances. Talent market that are big music dance and singing. I do basketball tricks my market is very small so I have a difficult time getting folllowers and activity level. I hope there is an opportunity created for unique small market talent.

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Same here i make sports edits and it took me 3 years just to get 30k, very small community some times

In sports social media sports themes do the best because they don’t need to create content and Take viral videos and soccer because it’s the biggest sport world wide. That means a personal sports account is super hard. Lol

My content is taking sports highlights, putting in Adobe after effects and putting cool effects and music on it, so for me it’s very time consuming.

Yes it would be awesome if there was a category to that! I do extreme martial arts (with weapons kicks and flips) and it would be awesome to be able to show it!